One Room Challenge | Guest Bathroom - Week 4

I am thrilled to be joining in on all of the fun of the One Room Challenge as a guest participant this fall. The ORC is something I have followed forever but the timing was never right for me to sign up to participate. You may have seen my post a few days ago about our tired guest bathroom and I’m excited to transform this outdated space over the next 6 weeks for the One Room Challenge. Of course, it will all be done on a budget. ;)



What’s a renovation without a little setback, amiright? We got the room painted (Sherwin Williams Magnetic Gray). This is a color we have used in our last house and loved it so much that we painted the master bedroom in our new house this same color again. It also helped that we had an extra gallon of this on hand - not to sound like a broken record, but the name of this renovation is BUDGET and recycling any materials we have already will really help us keep on track.

Elizabeth Burns Design | One Room Challenge Guest Bathroom on a $500 Budget

So everything was going fine - we got the walls painted and then started painting the vanity Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray so that we can install the new vanity top and then the shiplap. Well, we realized once we opened the vanity top that it is meant to overhang on each side of the vanity cabinet. It has a lip that kind of hugs the cabinet sides. Problem is that our vanity is flush with the wall so there is no clearance for the top to slide over. Ruh-roh. I really like the countertop and don’t want to return it. SO - Brian is going to have to cut into the drywall so that we can get a tight fit on the vanity cabinet. Hooray! Nothing like cutting up freshly painted walls… (Sorry for the crappy photos - snapped these on my phone late one night.)

Elizabeth Burns Design | One Room Challenge Guest Bathroom on a $500 Budget 1

But hey - on the bright side - how cute is that new faucet?! $32 on Amazon, y’all. Hard to beat that (source linked below). I’m really liking the color palette we’ve got going on in here! I can’t wait to get these floors in!

Elizabeth Burns Design | One Room Challenge Guest Bathroom on a $500 Budget 2
Elizabeth Burns Design | One Room Challenge Guest Bathroom on a $500 Budget 3


We didn’t start working last week until Sunday afternoon, so once we ran into this conundrum, we tabled the other projects like the shiplap and vanity light. I also am going to try spray painting the chrome bathroom hardware oil rubbed bronze. Did you just cringe? ;) I wouldn’t do this in any other bath with heavy use, but since we literally have never used this shower, I think spraying the curtain rod and toilet paper holder with paint I already have will save us a little money in the interim until I can get a good deal on replacements.

We really only have two weeks left, so we’re going to have to buckle down and knock a lot of this to do list out this weekend. Next post should have more visible progress… but, alas, I say that every week. ;)


  • Scraping the popcorn ceilings - DONE

  • Painting the ceiling - DONE

  • Painting the walls - DONE

  • Painting the vanity - HALF DONE

  • Adding hardware

  • Replacing the counter with a marble top and vessel sink

  • Adding a new faucet

  • Adding shiplap behind the mirror

  • Replacing the mirror

  • Replacing the floor

  • Adding a new light fixture

  • Replacing the toilet

  • Adding new bathroom hardware

  • Hanging a shower curtain


I think with the countertop change, we'll come in well under my $650 budget. My new goal is $500. Here's what we've spent so far:

$43 - Flooring
$117 - Countertop
$117 - Toilet
$96 - Lighting
$3.50 - Hardware
$32 - Faucet
$14 - Drain

Be sure to follow along the ORC and see with the Featured Designers and Guest Participants are working on!

P.S. If you’re new here, hi! My husband and I have been DIY renovating since 2011 and recently started dabbling in flipping houses. We’re currently working on sprucing up our new-to-us 90s builder grade house in my hometown of Raleigh, NC. My hope is that this blog encourages you to make wherever you live feel like home - no matter how small the budget. Whether you rent, just bought a fixer upper, or are looking to spruce up your existing place, I hope our DIY projects and budget-friendly ideas help inspire you to create a home you love.