Paint Colors

Whole House Paint Color Scheme with Photos

When re-painting the entire house or picking paint colors for a new construction, selecting a whole house paint scheme can be a daunting task. How do you know that they will all go together? How many colors are too many? Should I just use one paint color throughout the house? Since we started renovating houses seven years ago, I've had my own trial and errors with wall paint. You know what I mean - when that subtle light gray-blue paint sample magically turns into baby sky blue on the walls? Ugh. We've learned from our mistakes over the years, and below I've gathered together our tried and true paint colors that transition seamlessly from room to room. We love these wall paints and home buyers seem to love them too.

The Best Pure Grey Paint Colors | Paint Guide

I love greige walls as much as the next gal, but sometimes you just want a true gray. Not brownish, not greenish, not purplish. Just a beautiful, soft grey. It can actually be a little tricky to find a 100% pure gray paint color (even a few of the ones below have a hint of another tint to them which I will explain) but these are pretty darn close.

Final Paint Colors | Myrtle House

As with all things with this house renovation, the paint colors have changed since I originally posted my ideas last spring. While still very much in the same color families, the final paint colors are more neutral and less pastel-y. How do I know for sure that they are final, you might wonder? Because we bought all of the paint. All 15 gallons of it. We are quite literally pot-committed. :)

Shades of Gold | Paint Colors

While I love gold, I have never been bold enough to dedicate an entire room wall color to it. Don't get me wrong, I love the coziness of rooms that are painted in gold, but considering our largest home to date was 830 square feet (with 7' ceilings...), I never really had the luxury of going bold (or gold in this case). I always kept things light and airy to make the space feel larger. However, if I had a spacious farmhouse like lucky Marcia does, these would be my picks for a warm, gold paint color.