Final Paint Colors | Myrtle House

Elizabeth Burns Design | Myrtle House Paint Colors - Sherwin Williams Magnetic Gray SW 7058, Sheriwn Williams Silver Strand SW 7057, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029, Benajmin Moore Chantilly Lace OC 65

As with all things with this house renovation, the paint colors have changed since I originally posted my ideas last spring. While still very much in the same color families, the final paint colors are more neutral and less pastel-y. How do I know for sure that they are final, you might wonder? Because we bought all of the paint. All 15 gallons of it. We are quite literally pot-committed. :)

Magnetic Gray - Dining room and master bedroom, bathroom, and closet

Silver Strand - Living room and kitchen

Agreeable Gray - Guest bedroom and en suite bath, as well as office and en suite bath

Chantilly Lace - Ceilings, doors and trim


I am feeling pretty confident with the selections (as I should considering I have had over a year to pick them!) We were going to start painting this weekend, but alas, the dry-wallers are dragging their feet, so we will attempt again next weekend.