Dining Room

Downtown Raleigh Bungalow Project | The Dining Room

Downtown Raleigh Bungalow Project | The Dining Room

This room was pretty amazing before we began the project. Originally, this room was the back of the house before the homeowners added on a dream kitchen and family room addition. All that this room needed were a few finishing touches since 90% of the items you see had already been curated by Meg and Gary. Also - can we talk about that fireplace for a second?! The homeowners sourced the mantle from another historic property but it looks like it has been there for a hundred years. Seriously - swoon.

Denmead House: French Farmhouse Dining Room

When we were house hunting, we had a pretty short list of features we really wanted in a house. Since we were looking to buy a house in a pretty competitive market with a budget on the lower end for the area, I tried to keep our expectations realistic. On aforementioned list, albeit towards the bottom, was a dining space. Brian and I could easily get by with just our eat-in kitchen (and did more many years in our first home!) but since we enjoy entertaining, a dedicated dining room that can accommodate my large family (just barely!) was a wish list item I am so grateful we got with our new home.

Designer Look for Less: Aqua + Navy Dining Room

I have this affinity for bistro chairs. Maybe it is due to my love affair with all things French or just because they are so darn pretty. Every time I sit in one at a coffee shop or bakery, I feel so fancy. Who wouldn't want to feel that fancy every time they eat a meal at home? (This girl would!) I stumbled upon this gorgeous breakfast nook design by Amie Corley. It could also pull double duty as a dining room if you have a small space. The soft white walls, pops of Caribbean aqua in the plush throw pillows, and punches of bright blue in the upholstery and Parisian chairs look cheery while still being sophisticated.

Myrtle House Before & After: Dining Room

As you may have spied from the new dining room photos, the new kitchen now connects to it. Before, the old kitchen was towards the back corner of the house (now the master bedroom) and not in the best location. The new kitchen space was once used for storage, but it is in the heart of the home, has the big double-sided fireplace, and connects to the back porch (a soon to be al fresco dining area), so it seemed like the perfect spot for a new kitchen. Another bonus - it is the biggest room in the house.

Dining Room Inspiration | Myrtle House

I am sure you all are sick of me going on and on about how excited I am to have a dining room, but I couldn't resist throwing in one more inspiration board about this room.

What would the world of design do without Pinterest? This handy tool has helped me narrow down the look I am going for: neutral with a hint of blue, French-inspired, with a gigantic crystal chandelier and rustic accents. Here are my favorite inspiring dining rooms. I hope one day our's looks as good as any of these. :)

Elizabeth Burns Design | Dining Room Inspiration