Affordable Beach Furniture + Decor at Target

We just had about 7 inches of snow where I live and although the snow flurries sure were pretty, I am starting to look forward to warmer days. While snowed in, I started browsing Target's clearance section of furniture and home decor and realized they had a ton of coastal-inspired tables, chairs, rugs, and accessories that would be perfect in a little seaside retreat. The best part is that all of the items are 50% off or more!

Our Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen for Under $5000

I think when people hear the phrase "kitchen renovation" they (and their bank accounts) start to sweat. Notoriously expensive, kitchen renovations can cost upwards of $20,000. When it came time to finish out the kitchen for the Myrtle House, we didn't have a set budget (though I knew it would be way less than $20,000) - it was more of a "let's do this for as little money as humanly possible" kind of situation.

Why We Chose (& Love) Our Formica Countertops

Do you ever find a product that you love so much, you want to tell everyone about it? Like almost in an annoying, yes-you've-told-us-1000-times way? That is how I feel about our new laminate countertops. We chose the Formica 180fx Calacatta Marble style and it is for sure one of the best selections we made during the renovation of the Myrtle House

Myrtle House Before & After: Kitchen

As you may have spied from the new dining room photos, the new kitchen now connects to it. Before, the old kitchen was towards the back corner of the house (now the master bedroom) and not in the best location. The new kitchen space was once used for storage, but it is in the heart of the home, has the big double-sided fireplace, and connects to the back porch (a soon to be al fresco dining area), so it seemed like the perfect spot for a new kitchen. Another bonus - it is the biggest room in the house.

Becoming Debt Free - Part 4

April finally arrived, our tenants moved out, and we moved out of my parents house back into the Brooklyn House. For 2.5 years we had thought about this moment, and sadly, it was not such a happy time. I will spare you the drama and gruesome details, but I'll tell you that when we moved back in, we were not alone. We had some new house guests: rodents. We spent the first two months back battling and reclaiming our house from critters and repairing the damage the renters had done on the house.