Review of WallPops Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles FloorPops

Review of WallPops Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles FloorPops

It’s been about six months since we wrapped up our $500 guest bathroom makeover for the One Room Challenge. You can go and see the before and afters, as well as budget breakdown of this room here. We used a new-to-me product in that project called FloorPops by WallPops which are cheap vinyl floor tiles that are self adhesive and printed with today’s popular patterns. In other words, they’re not your grandmother’s vinyl. :) During that project, a few people asked about the product and how I thought it would hold up. I totally get the concern - we too were skeptical about using a peel and stick product and have not had the greatest luck with them in the past. This being the case, I wanted to give it some time before I gave my honest opinion, good or bad. Also, FYI, this post is not sponsored or anything. This is just my experience and opinion.

Myrtle House Before & After: Kitchen

As you may have spied from the new dining room photos, the new kitchen now connects to it. Before, the old kitchen was towards the back corner of the house (now the master bedroom) and not in the best location. The new kitchen space was once used for storage, but it is in the heart of the home, has the big double-sided fireplace, and connects to the back porch (a soon to be al fresco dining area), so it seemed like the perfect spot for a new kitchen. Another bonus - it is the biggest room in the house.

We Sold the Brooklyn Street House!

If we are Instagram friends (if not, can we be?!), you may have seen that we sold our little house in downtown Raleigh! Lots of big changes in the works for my little family (you can read more about that here!) and I am super excited to share, but before I go into all of that, I wanted to post a few photos of our first abode all staged and looking pretty. :) You can see more before and after photos of the Brooklyn Street House here.