Hardware to go with Brass Hinges & Other Affordable Options

Hardware to go with Brass Hinges & Other Affordable Options

I mentioned a while back that my parents had begun renovating their 1990s builder grade home (which is basically in original condition). It'll be an on-going project, but they have started renovating the 90's kitchen and it already looks like a completely different space! The old oak cabinets got a fresh coat of white paint and we painted the small island a contrasting gray to mix things up (Sherwin Williams Functional Gray). My parents chose to hire a professional painter to tackle the cabinet makeover, which I believe was a wise choice. Painting kitchen cabinets is not a quick weekend project and the paint will peel if the cabinets are not prepped correctly (been there, done that). If you choose to DIY, make sure you take the time to clean, sand, and prime the cabinets and allocate mutliple days for the whole process (it took their professional painter about two weeks with drying/curing time).

Hardware | Sea Spray Condo

My parents had the cabinets in their condo recently painted white and I can't wait to see it! With this step done, we can move on to other fun things like picking out hardware.

I came across D. LAWLESS HARDWARE through a blog, and was equally impressed with the unique designs and amazing prices. I especially love their Antique Restoration Hardware collection. Such a better selection than the box stores for antique pieces and old houses. Plus, if you order $50 or more (which is easily done with a kitchen), shipping is free.

My parents already have a lot of satin nickel accents, so when I stumbled upon these simple, yet fresh knobs, I was sold. You can't beat the price of only $1.00! We also decided to go with a clean drawer pull, also for a steal at $1.99 each. I ended up ordering hardware for the Myrtle House too (even though we are WAYS away from getting close to needing them) and got hardware for two kitchens for $50. Boom.

EB Loves Old Houses | Satin Nickel Drawer Pulls and Knobs

Here are my favorites from the hardware site. Please note that two of these gems are only 75 cents!! Also, if you decide to order, coupon code "prettyhandy" will take off 10%. Happy shopping. :)

EB Loves Old Houses | Favorite Antique Vintage Hardware Source