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The Best Pure Grey Paint Colors | Paint Guide

I love greige walls as much as the next gal, but sometimes you just want a true gray. Not brownish, not greenish, not purplish. Just a beautiful, soft grey. It can actually be a little tricky to find a 100% pure gray paint color (even a few of the ones below have a hint of another tint to them which I will explain) but these are pretty darn close.

Shades of Gold | Paint Colors

While I love gold, I have never been bold enough to dedicate an entire room wall color to it. Don't get me wrong, I love the coziness of rooms that are painted in gold, but considering our largest home to date was 830 square feet (with 7' ceilings...), I never really had the luxury of going bold (or gold in this case). I always kept things light and airy to make the space feel larger. However, if I had a spacious farmhouse like lucky Marcia does, these would be my picks for a warm, gold paint color.

The Perfect Shades of Greige | Paint Colors

I am a big fan of gray wall paint. It is such a great neutral and adds a clean, modern feel to just about any space. However, I have come to learn that not all grays are created equal. We painted the majority of the Brooklyn House in a very cool gray (Sherwin Williams Lattice, to be exact). While it is a lovely color, it always felt a little too cold and sterile for my taste. This sent me on the hunt for a perfect greige paint color that is not too cool but also not in the "builder beige" paint color category. Here are my favorites so far. :)

Shades of Blue | Paint Colors

If I had it my way, I would paint every wall in my house some shade of light gray-blue-green. I always end up recommending this color to people and have just about every shade offered by major paint companies memorized by name (true story). It creates such a soothing yet sophisticated look, you really can't go wrong with using this in any room. I want to share my favorite versions that I have found and hopefully take the guess work out of it for some of you on the hunt for the perfect shade.