Gray Blue Green Shades | Paint Colors

Elizabeth Burns Design - Benjamin Moore Oyster Shell, Valspar Pale Linen, Benjamin Moore Wickam Gray, Sherwin Williams Silver Strand, Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin, Benjamin Moore Gray Whisp

We will be painting the Myrtle House in a couple of months, and I am trying to nail down paint colors. I do not want to mess up the selections on this one. Re-painting one room is a pain, but re-painting a whole house is overwhelming. So, I have been doing a lot of paint comparisons and collecting of paint color chips. You may remember this post on blue-greens. While I still love all of those colors, I am looking for some slightly more mellow shades in the same family. Below are my picks for the gray/blue/green paint colors.


This color was hard to find a room shot of, and with one of these images, the blog writer said she ended up re-painting the room since it came out baby blue (first image below). However, Emily Henderson named it as one of her top 10 choices and it looks completely different in the second photo below. To me, the swatch has quite a bit of green undertones, so possibly this color can look very different depending on how much light a room has. Regardless, I think this paint color is worth a test can at the least!


If you recall the beautiful bathroom I wrote about last week, this paint name might ring a bell. It is in fact the same color used in this stunning bathroom remodel. It is more of a pure green blue with a tad less gray than some of the others, but it is completely fresh and airy.


This color appears to be pretty similar to Oyster Shell, but perhaps a bit less intense. Again, the amount of blue or green that will come through depends on the light in the space. However, I am pretty much in love with the color of this dining room.


Have you been watching Fixer Upper on HGTV? If not, you are missing out. For all of the die-hard followers like myself (totally obsessed), you will see this paint color make quite a few appearances on the show. I would not put this in a room that does not have a lot of natural light. If you do, my fear is it would be too gray. Leaning towards this for the living room/kitchen at Myrtle House.


This color, while lovely, is more intense than the ones above. It is not one of those colors you can't quite stick into one color color category. To me, when you see this one, I think "definitely blue". This would be very pretty in a bathroom. It is also my top contender for the master bedroom. I don't know if I would put this in a large living space; it may be slightly over-powering.


Another color that is kind of intense, but perfect in a bedroom or bathroom. Gray Whisp is a greyed-out teal color. Definitely more green undertones than blue in this paint color.

Want more information on picking the best paint colors? Check out this post a whole house paint color scheme (with pictures). Be sure to also check out the other paint guides below!