Pantry | Myrtle House

I hate to admit it, but I watch quite a bit of HGTV. Like a lot. Fixer Upper marathon + a glass of wine = heaven. It seems that some house hunting show is usually on during the evenings, and I have picked up on the fact that people searching for a new home love a big 'ol pantry. Honestly, I never quite understood this wishlist item. Maybe it is because we don't have children, or because neither of us really like to cook, so we don't normally have tons of spices and ingredients on hand. Sadly, most of our meals come from the freezer... (don't judge me).

When the Myrtle House budget starting spiraling out of control, Brian and I decided to nix the half bath (who needs 3.5 baths anyways?) and turn that space into a pantry. It was a win-win as it was helpful to our bottom line but also good for resale value. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I think I would have hated having four toilets to clean. Two toilets per household member is a little much, I suppose.

While I am no extreme coupon-er needing a stock pile room or doomsday prepper needing a place to stash my years worth of supplies, I was excited about putting one thing in this newly designed pantry: a coffee bar. Yep, basically a separate room for making coffee. It makes sense, I promise. Coffee is something I make almost every day, so it would be a whole lot easier just to leave this small appliance out all of the time. However, I.hate.small.appliances.on.the.counter, especially coffee pots since they are usually pretty ugly, take up a lot of room, and always leave a dirty mess. First world problems, I know.

The space itself is odd as it is basically an angled closet. Here it is before reno (the little door):

Elizabeth Burns Design

And here is a straight on shot after the new door has been framed.

Elizabeth Burns Design

The location is great since it is right off of the kitchen. My plan is to put a sliding re-claimed glass/wood door up instead of a traditional door and then layout some shelves like below.

Elizabeth Burns Design

Yes, those are sconces. The wiring was already there from the room's previous life plan as a bathroom and I had already bought the fixtures, so the sconces stay. I am pretty sure everyone who is working on the house thinks my plan is completely nuts, but hey, it wouldn't be the first. I think it is going to look super cool to be able to peek through the glass door at this pantry. Kind of like this!