One Room Challenge | Guest Bathroom - Week 3

I am thrilled to be joining in on all of the fun of the One Room Challenge as a guest participant this fall. The ORC is something I have followed forever but the timing was never right for me to sign up to participate. You may have seen my post a few days ago about our tired guest bathroom and I’m excited to transform this outdated space over the next 6 weeks for the One Room Challenge. Of course, it will all be done on a budget. ;)



Are we really already halfway through with the One Room Challenge? Time is flying by and that to do list is starting to look longer and longer. We’ve crossed off a whopping 2.5 items off of our list!

The final demo ensued over the weekend - we were able to remove the old toilet (always a fun, glamorous task). The ceiling got a final sanding, some caulk, and fresh coat of paint. So fresh, so clean!

Elizabeth Burns Design | Scraping Popcorn Ceiling
Elizabeth Burns Design | Scraping Popcorn Ceiling 1

I got to work on the vanity - sanding and getting a coat of primer on the box and doors. If you've ever painted cabinets and had trouble with the paint sticking, I've found that letting the primer cure for a full week before painting with your top color really helps with adhesion. I use this primer and once I learned to let it cure, I've had good luck with the paint sticking. Also, no matter what the primer instructions say, I ALWAYS give the cabinet doors and box a light sanding. It helps to rough up the surface just a little. Give this method a try on your next project and let me know how it goes!

Elizabeth Burns Design | How to Paint a Vanity without Paint Chipping 1
Elizabeth Burns Design | How to Paint a Vanity without Paint Chipping 2
Elizabeth Burns Design | How to Paint a Vanity without Paint Chipping 3


We should be able to get to the pretty stuff next - wall paint, the countertop, faucet, shiplap, and vanity light (if the paint dries in time!) are on the docket for this weekend. Hopefully we can squeeze it all in!


  • Scraping the popcorn ceilings - DONE

  • Painting the ceiling - DONE

  • Painting the walls

  • Painting the vanity - HALF DONE

  • Adding hardware

  • Replacing the counter with a marble top and vessel sink

  • Adding a new faucet

  • Adding shiplap behind the mirror

  • Replacing the mirror

  • Replacing the floor

  • Adding a new light fixture

  • Replacing the toilet

  • Adding new bathroom hardware

  • Hanging a shower curtain


I think with the countertop change, we'll come in well under my $650 budget. My new goal is $500. Here's what we've spent so far:

$43 - Flooring
$117 - Countertop
$117 - Toilet
$96 - Lighting
$3.50 - Hardware
$32 - Faucet
$14 - Drain

Be sure to follow along the ORC and see with the Featured Designers and Guest Participants are working on!

P.S. If you’re new here, hi! My husband and I have been DIY renovating since 2011 and recently started dabbling in flipping houses. We’re currently working on sprucing up our new-to-us 90s builder grade house in my hometown of Raleigh, NC. My hope is that this blog encourages you to make wherever you live feel like home - no matter how small the budget. Whether you rent, just bought a fixer upper, or are looking to spruce up your existing place, I hope our DIY projects and budget-friendly ideas help inspire you to create a home you love.