Myrtle House Before & After: Office

Since I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home and we run our small side business, a dedicated office space in the Myrtle House was pretty important. We decided the best location for an office was the old dining room. Since we wanted to add an extra bath and some closet space, the original dining room had shrunk down and was now a great size for a home office. 

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I think what I love most about this room is that so many things we either had on hand or found on the cheap. The chandelier is from a ReStore, the tables and chest were left in the house, and the gallery wall was created from all things I had on hand.

One of my favorite parts of this room is the shared desk space. These three tables were laying around the house when we started working on them and come to find out, they were handmade by Brian's grandfather many years ago. The crazy thing is that they fit PERFECTLY on that wall as a two-person desk - almost like it was meant to be!

The photo of Brian above makes me laugh. I have no idea why he is smiling so big, haha. I have mentioned that it took us about six months just to clean the house out and from the photo, it is easy to see why. That is just a small sample of the debris left behind. Next project like this, we will be sure to get a dumpster. All of these trash bags we hauled away to the dump in our small truck.

I was thrilled that the original French doors (complete with glass knobs) were still in tact. We ended up relocating them down the wall a bit and have them open out the other way as to not interfere with the closet door. I actually love being able to see more of the doors from the living room since we keep them open 99% of the time.

That little vintage settee has been in storage for a few years. I bought in right after we rented out Brooklyn House and I have been a little obsessed with it ever since. It is SO comfortable and fit in perfectly in the nook between the French doors and window. Sometimes I will sit here with my laptop and stare out into the neighbor's garden; it's a sweet little perch.


Wall paint color - Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Settee, side table, desks, chalkboards, and chandelier - thrifted

Photo holder and desk chairs - TJMaxx

Wreath - DIY with supplies from Hobby Lobby