Vanity Ideas | Myrtle House

One item in the Myrtle House that I am super excited about is the double vanity in the master bath. I firmly believe dual sinks are an important key to a happy marriage. ;) A few months ago we were on the hunt for a vanity, and ended up buying a used one off of Craigslist. I will spare you the gross details, but it was one of those unfortunate transactions where the condition was a lot worse in person than depicted online. We probably should have passed on it, but ended up taking it home with us. After a LOT of cleaning, it is prepped for a fresh look. Here she is in all of her faux oak glory.

Elizabeth Burns Design | Vanity Makeover

Here is where I am stumped. I always thought I would paint it a classic black - timeless and respective of a turn-of-the-century home. However, I have been seeing so many gorgeous gray options out there. Granted, I may love these more because they are usually paired with marble (definitely not in our budget), but there is something so fresh about this color. Here are a few of my faves.

But then there is that striking, classic black. It would definitely be grand. Would definitely make a statement... But in a small bathroom, is it too dark?

Even posting these photos leaves me more confused. If you didn't notice, almost all of these have glass hardware which is something I was able to commit to (these knobs and these pulls from D Lawless Hardware). However, the color choice leaves me torn. Which would you choose, friends? If you need an idea of what it will be paired with, we have chrome fixtures, white tile, and gray grout selected.