Double Vanities Under $1000

I have been on the hunt for a double vanity for a few months now and was quite surprised by how expensive these pieces are, especially when you realize you can buy two single vanities for about 20% of the cost of a double vanity. Ugh. I was hard pressed to find anything that would work for under $1400, and frankly, that just is not in our budget for the vanity. Well, we ended up buying a used double vanity off of Craigslist that I plan on re-finishing (which was the worst CL experience to date, but that story is for another day). During our search, however, I did find a few deals I wanted to pass along in case you too are on the hunt. Here are the best double vanities I found for $1000 or less at Home Depot.

Elizabeth Burns Design | Budget-friendly double vanities

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