Farmhouse Style | Myrtle House

I love designing the outside of a house almost as much as the inside. You can really pack a punch by freshening up the exterior and turn a scary, old house into a welcoming cottage. This is my hope for the Myrtle House. Right now in it's current state, it looks a little sad.

Elizabeth Burns Design | Farmhouse Style

I could never really figure out what style of house this little guy was modeled after. It was built in 1901, but that is all I know. It would be so neat to find out who built it and who lived there. Eventually, I would love to create a cottage farmhouse look. I have always been partial to white and black combinations, and since the siding is already white, we will stick with it. Here are a few houses I have bookmarked to refer back to when we tackle the exterior.

Source unknown

Source unknown

I desperately want to add some black shutters and paint the windows white. What do you think? Could the Myrtle House pass for this style?