Lighting | Myrtle House

We recently learned that the electrician will be starting sooner than we expected, which is awesome, but we were lacking the majority of the fixtures for the Myrtle House. I prefer to collect things like light fixtures over time - buying slowly as I can find good deals instead of all at once. In a slight panic, Brian and I went to the Habitat Restore in Cary to see if we could find anything that would work and not break the budget. We found some amazing lights at such great prices! Most of them need a good cleaning and a few will get a coat of paint, but here are a few photos of the fixtures we picked up.

Elizabeth Burns Design | Myrtle House Light Fixtures
Elizabeth Burns Design | Myrtle House Light Fixtures

While we were not able to find everything secondhand, we did find some great deals at Lowes and on Ebay. I have been wanting to do a beach-y look in the guest room since I already have this "ocean" colored rug and am in love with the beaded and shell chandeliers that can cost quite a pretty penny. I saw this chandelier for 75% off at Lowes, and knew it would be great in this space. Plus, Brian had a gift card so I think we ended up paying about $3 out of pocket for it. :)

Elizabeth Burns Design | Myrtle House Lighting

We also decided to buy the guest bathrooms' lights new. I found these chrome three-light vanity fixtures on Ebay on sale for $25.49 each (free shipping, no sales tax!) and bought two. I had originally seen them at Home Depot, but they are out of stock until December. :/ Luckily, these ended up being even less expensive!

Elizabeth Burns Design | Myrtle House Lights

So between the old and the new, I think we have our major fixtures purchased with the exception of the kitchen light (thinking this for over the table). When all is said and done, we will probably end up spending close to $375 for all of the light fixtures in the house which I am happy with. I think it will be a fun mix of vintage and modern. :) Where do you shop for light fixtures?