Master Bathroom Design | Myrtle House

I love picking out bathroom fixtures. I don't know why; maybe it is due to my affinity for marble. I have always dreamed of having a luxe master suite complete with double sinks, wall to wall subway tile, and a gorgeous marble floor. Well, then I woke up and realized that is not going to happen on this girl's shoe-string budget. Luckily, there are many bathroom fixture options that look like my dream bathroom at a fraction of the cost. Here are some of my favorite budget-friendly bathroom fixtures. I even managed to squeak some marble in there! :)

Elizabeth Burns Design | Budget Friendly Bathroom Design - Subway Tile, Chrome Faucet, Chrome Light, Marble Accent, Hex Tile

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Another thing I love about these options is that they are up-to-date yet still appropriate for a historical home. It always looks so bizarre to me when there is a 1910 Victorian house with glass bowl sinks and super contemporary fixtures. It is like eating hot chili for lunch in the summer - doesn't work well together.

When designing on a budget, I think it helps to splurge on an accent tile. I plan on using the combination of black tile liners and marble accent tiles in a strip along the top of the vanities and into the tub surround. This will instantly make your bathroom look more expensive and not set you back too much since you are using so little material.

Where do you shop for inexpensive bathroom fixtures?