Beach Inspiration | Sea Spray Condo

I got the engineer print and gallery art prints back yesterday and I am pretty excited about how they turned out! We are headed to the beach this weekend, and I think we may be able to finally get the living room/kitchen done (minus a pair of lamps, whomp). Since we wanted to re-purpose almost everything in the spaces, it has been a bit of a challenge to figure out how to make it work all together. I think it is about time I share the inspiration for the room.

It all started with a sea foam green couch. It is beautiful, but there was literally nothing else in the space that matched it. See, this condo has been in my mom's family for over 30 years, so different people have decorated it little by little over time. In other words, it was a mis-matched beachy mess. My mom has tried to add modern touches here and there, but it really needed an overhaul.

We wanted to incorporate the couch while also infusing a subtle beach theme into the place. I think people tend to go overboard on a beach house with a "beach theme". People, hear me out. One - you are already at the beach. Less is more! Let the pretty surroundings shine. :) Two - colors alone can exude a beachy look. Soft blues and aquas, grayed wood tones, and navy accents will create a nautical feel easily. There is no need (I repeat, NO NEED) for a fish themed upholstered couch with matching chairs and coral kitchen cabinets with multi-color fish pulls. We get it; you are at a beach house. *end rant*

That being said, the inspiration here was pretty subtle and simple: creamy sailcloth fabrics, classic coastal accents, shades of seafoam and deep sea blue, and rattan accessories. We have a laundry list of things to paint this weekend, but I am hopeful we can pull it off!

Elizabeth Burns Design | Beach House Inspiration - seafoam green, aqua, and white

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What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with me on the whole beach theme?