Cheap Artwork - Engineer Print | Sea Spray Condo

Last weekend was spent with family celebrating birthdays, new puppies, and baby excitement (my brother and sister-in-law), so I am a bit behind on projects (and posting!). Last night I finally got around to ordering art for the beach condo. Since this is a rental, spending a lot on nice artwork is probably not the best idea. One renter could have one too many margaritas and knock down our beautiful new artwork. Hey, you never know.

We have all seen by now the budget-conscious art called engineer prints. I have never tried them for artwork (we used them in design school), but knew this could be a great option for the beach. We have this pretty awful canvas reproduction that depicts a beach scene. It looks like it could be straight out of a doctor's office in 1992. The colors are just bad. And since this was a cheap reproduction purchased long ago, I don't feel too bad if we cover it. So that is our plan - cover up this dated beast with a black and white photo I took of the Beaufort waterfront. It is kind of perfect since the canvas is 3' x 4' and that is the exact size of one of the engineer prints. Winning.

Exhibit A.

Beach Condo

And here is the photograph I plan on using instead (minus the text overlay).

Elizabeth Burns Design | Beach Engineer Print

I hope it turns out okay! The good news is, if I screw it up, it only cost about $7. I will let you know how it goes. :)

Another art project I am working on is a gallery wall. Once I have these printed and make sure everything goes according to plan and worth your while, I will share details.

Have you ever tried to create engineer print artwork? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. :)