Introduction | Myrtle House

Hello, friends! Thanks for stopping by. I am really excited to start this blog and ready to document the before and afters, DIY projects, and ups & downs of renovating a 1901 cottage!

Brian's Grandmother passed away in February of 2013. Granny was a true gem and lived to be 96. Her witty remarks, obvious disregard of what others thought, and overall sense of humor still keep Brian and I laughing when we think of her. When she passed, she left her home to Brian and his family. After sitting vacant for many years (she had moved in with family in 2007), Brian and I have decided to take on the project of renovating this home.

To be honest, we had a few options. We could sell the house. Given the small town city it is located in, the poor state of the house, and the current real estate market, the price we could sell it for would be dismal. After fees and such, it really would not even be worth it.

We walked through the house a few months after Granny died, and even though she was not my Grandmother, I felt an emotional attachment to the house. Her cute little aprons for making her famous Japanese fruit pies were still sitting in the kitchen. A chalkboard had scribbles from Brian when he was 10 years old that she never erased. This is the house that Brian's Mom grew up in. You could feel how much love there was in this home. We decided we didn't want to sell it.

This will be our second stab at fixing up a house. Our first house needed very minor cosmetic fixes. We replaced a few doors, painted every surface, and did some landscaping. The Myrtle house is a beast. Everything (and I mean everything) needs to be fixed. All new electrical. Part of the porch is caving in. The windows are busted. There is no central air. I am having a mild heart attack typing this. We know this is going to be a long, hard, expensive project and there are a lot of questions in my head. Will we go bankrupt trying to restore it? Will our marriage survive a renovation? Will it be worth it in the end? I really think it will be one of the most rewarding projects we will accomplish (when it is all said and done). :) I hope you will join us on this journey!