How to Easily Organize Paint Chips

Elizabeth Burns Design | How to Easily Keep Track of Paint Chips and Swatches for Your Home's Paint Colors

It never fails - you're out shopping for home decor or furniture, and you find what you think is the PERFECT upholstered chair. The only question is - will it go with your paint colors? But alas, you don't know because you don't have your paint colors with you. Whomp, whomp. It doesn't have to end this way, friends. Don't let that perfect chair pass you by again! Here are a few ways to organize your home's paint color samples so that you will always be equipped for any shopping adventure.

Elizabeth Burns Design | How to Easily Organize Paint Chips and Swatches for Your Home's Paint Colors

1. Keep small swatches in your wallet

Ok, so I know I'm not inventing the wheel here, but this is how I keep track of my paint chips. I have the little paint swatches from Sherwin Williams (or whatever brand of your choice), and I just tuck them away in a pocket in my wallet. I almost always have my wallet on me, so I know I will never be without them if a spur of the moment shopping trip ensues. Plus, keeping paint color chips in your wallet protects them from getting creased or dingy.

2. Create mini paint samples on popsicle sticks

This method is more geared towards the crafty Martha Stewart type (i.e. I am not patient enough for this) but it is an adorable idea. Basically you dip a popsicle stick into each of your paint samples and attached them all with a ring after they have all dried. You can also write the name of the room name on the edge of the stick to keep track of each paint color. This idea is really only beneficial for people who have already purchased paint, not those with the paint colors merely selected.

3. Keep a paint deck in your purse or car

Are you lucky enough to have a full set of color swatches in a paint deck? You lucky duck, you. Bookmark or flag the paint colors in your home with a post-it so that you can quickly reference those colors. You never know when you'll need to whip out those colors so it is great to have access to a full array. I like to keep mine in my car instead of my purse because those things get heavy. If I'm going to help a client pick out a sofa fabric or rug, I can throw it in my bag before heading into the store.

I'd love to hear from you guys - how do you keep track of your paint colors? Share in the comments below for others!