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Want a little color in your bathroom without going overboard? Well, friend, this trend might just be for you! A light blue bathroom vanity is visually interesting without being overbearing. Soothing, tranquil, and sophisticated, these baby blue cabinets will make your bathroom feel like a spa. These aqua colored vanities look best when paired with neutral coordinating colors and fixtures like greige wall paint, marble counters, white tile, and shiny chrome faucets and hardware.

If you are renovating a bathroom and plan on keeping the existing vanity, try refinishing the cabinets with an adhesive primer and then a top coat of cabinet paint. This is a great way to get the look of a new vanity without the expense. Here are a few paint colors for inspiration.

Starting from scratch and need a new vanity? That's great too! There are many affordable light blue bath cabinets that arrive prefinished so all you have to do is install! These two vanities are from Home Depot's Home Decorator's Collection and I think the cyan color is spot-on. Even better, they are 20% off right now!

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