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After growing up during the 90s, I (like most millennials) have sworn off brass lighting, faucets, and hardware. Brass might as well have been a four-letter word in the housing industry for the majority of the last decade, especially in my book. When I saw those first flecks of gold pop up in trendy bathrooms a few years back, I thought the designers had lost their mind. People have worked so hard to rid their home of the brass! Put your house on the market with brass door knobs and you might as well have popcorn ceilings and tacky floral wallpaper; you can kiss that quick sale goodbye. I fought it off as long as I could, but even I have to admit, marble, gray, and gold look so dang good together. Satin nickel was starting to get a bit boring. And when I saw this light fixture at half price, I knew I was a goner and joined the dark side. So here is a little inspiration board for an inexpensive bathroom I threw together that embraces the brass tones (or champagne-bronze in this case).

Elizabeth Burns Design | Cheap Modern Bathroom Design, Gold Light Fixture, Champagne Bronze, Marble Chevron Tile, Wood Tile Floors

Light Vanity Floor | Accent | Wall | Faucet

There are so many good deals on this board. The vanity is 20% off, the light fixture is 50% off, and those wood floor tiles? 75% off! Sure, the marble accent and faucet are a bit of a splurge, but they add SO much to the overall design. I think the warm tones of the gold and wood balance the coolness of the grays. Since I am officially out of bathrooms to design (at least for the moment :) please let me live vicariously through you. Go out and snag up these bargains to transform your bathroom into a gold-infused oasis. And send me pictures if you do!

I would love to hear from any real estate investors, renovators, or house flippers - would you put gold fixtures into a property you are selling or are potential buyers still scared off by brass?