2016 Review

I'm going to be honest - 2016 was a tough year for us. While there were many happy milestones like becoming debt free, finishing our three-year-long renovation, and starting new jobs in a new city, there was a lot of loss this year. Loss of loved ones in our family through death and divorce. Loss of our beloved first house when we sold it. Loss of vicinity to family and friends when we moved away from my hometown. Sometimes, it felt like I had lost my sanity! While we are so fortunate with all that we have and I know I have no ground to complain, this year was still emotionally draining.

At times, 2016 felt like a continuous cycle of sucker-punches to the gut. You'd get through one roller coaster event only to be mowed down by the next one hiding around the corner. I have felt physically and mentally exhausted for a while, but instead of taking time to reset and simplify, I've been adding more and more to my plate. Saying "yes" to things I should really turn down. I think a lot of women do this.

Being exhausted makes me feel like a failure, so I thought that maybe if I accomplished more, I would feel more energized. Clearly, my thought process was flawed. In the end, instead of giving a handful of things 100%, I am giving a dozen or so things about 10%, including this little blog of mine. Obviously, not very effective or productive.

Life's gotten so incredibly busy. And noisy. Not literally noisy, but in a sense where complete solitude is so precious and rare. Work emails are sent to us 24/7. We are always accessible to family and friends with a quick text or Facebook message. Pinterest and Instagram silently scream at you that you are not up to snuff. It's exhausting.

The gist of my ramble is that sometimes we need to unplug and just relax. Re-focus, cut out the loudness, and trim the unnecessary fat that has crept into our lives. In light of this, I'm signing off for the rest of the year. It will be a little quiet around here until 2017 so that I can ring in the new year refreshed with renewed energy. Maybe I can ultimately accomplish more by attempting less.  

Thank you all for your comments, kind words, and virtual friendship this year on my blog. Receiving emails from y'all are truly one of the highlights of my day and I can't wait to bring more meaningful, thoughtful, and helpful content to you guys soon (suggestions welcome!). I hope you enjoy down-time with your loved ones this holiday season and I'm excited to see you next year! Cheers!