Apple Hill Orchard | Travel

My parents wanted to make a trip to see the Myrtle House since they have never been, and we decided it would be the perfect day to visit an apple orchard. After factoring in timing logistics, we decided on the Apple Hill Orchard in Morganton, North Carolina. When I read on their website that they have homemade apple donuts AND apple cider slushies, I was sold.

The orchard is nestled in a quiet spot not too far from the highway in the foothills. It has the cutest little barn, store, and sprawling apple orchards.

My dad wasn't up to walking a whole lot that day, so we opted to view the grounds via tractor-pulled wagon. I mean, how else would you tour an apple orchard? ;) We had the nicest and most knowledgeable guide whose father bought the orchard back in the 1950s. The orchard originated in the 1880s, I believe.

The apples were oh so pretty on the trees. This orchard allows visitors to pick their own apples, or you can buy freshly picked ones from their store. We chose the pre-picked variety due to time constraints, but we are planning to come back next summer to pick some for ourselves. We even learned the proper method of picking, thanks to our guide. Apparently you are supposed to grasp the apple with your palm to twist to the side and snap it off. If you use your finger tips to hold, it will bruise the apple.


The part I think we were both secretly looking forward to the most were the baked goods. I have a serious sweet tooth, and these treats did not disappoint. The cider slushie was amazing on a warm day, and the apple glazed donut was not too sweet - just the way I like them.


I had an apple for breakfast this morning and it was amazing. Long story short, if you are in the Western part of NC, I would highly recommend this cute little orchard. It is a great place for kids to romp around as well!