Kitchen Design | Myrtle House

Ahh, the kitchen. Arguably the single most important room in a house. Unfortunately for older homes, kitchens are quite small. Considering the fact that most kitchens used to be detached from the main dwelling in case of a fire, I will take a small kitchen inside the house over an outhouse any day. :) Opening up the wall between the dining room and kitchen in the Myrtle House helped, but I am hoping that by sticking to a lighter color palette, we can make this room feel even bigger. The colors and finishes in the kitchen are actually pretty similar to the master bath design plan (hey, I know what I like), but I think this will help create continuity in the house. So here we go, my budget-friendly kitchen specs.

Elizabeth Burns Design | Budget Friendly Kitchen Design Myrtle House - Formica Marble Counters, Subway Tile, Chrome Faucet

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We are re-purposing almost EVERYTHING in this kitchen, including the existing cabinets. We will add trim to these to create a Shaker look, and paint 'em up a glossy white. Can you believe that countertop is laminate? Me neither. Such a great option if you are going for a marble look but don't have the marble budget. Again in here I am going with chrome fixtures and oil-rubbed bronze accents. That Antique Bronze Pendant is gorgeous, but I plan on finding an old brass one to re-finish. I am so excited to get started on this kitchen!