Under the Shag Carpet | Myrtle House

We went to the Myrtle House this weekend and made quite a dent in the debris! It is so nice to see some visible changes finally happening. We were able to dump the giant stack of wood paneling Brian took down as well as get rid of the very gross green shag carpet. Most people recommend waiting as long as possible to re-do the floors, but this carpet was holding in so much dust and dirt, it was bad for the air quality in the house. We will wait until the house is almost move-in ready to refinish the floors, but for now, we are pretty excited to see the pretty wood!

Elizabeth Burns Design | Old Wood Floors in Myrtle House

I am not 100% sure, but my guess is that these are oak boards (please let me know if you know otherwise!). There are some scratches, but overall, they are in pretty amazing condition. We were super lucky too in the fact that the carpet and vinyl were just laid on top of the wood and not stapled in so we literally were able to just roll it up. There is one spot where there is some water damage and the adhesive is still stuck, but it definitely could have been worse! I think the thickness of the shag and water-resistant elements of the vinyl kept the floors looking as good as they do.

Elizabeth Burns Design | Old Wood Floors in Myrtle House

In the bedrooms, there is a wider plank subfloor that is also pretty amazing. I am hoping we can save this (there are a few pieces with termite damage and water damage).

Elizabeth Burns Design | Old Wood Floors in Myrtle House

To me, having that gross carpet gone makes SUCH a difference! It is starting to look like a house with hope instead of one that should be condemned. The ceiling tiles are being tackled next weekend, as well as the remaining panels. I can't wait to get the full effect of the tall ceilings with the original beadboard.

Elizabeth Burns Design | Old Wood Floors in Myrtle House

Love having these French doors separating the living room and dining room. The original wavy glass and glass knobs are still in tact!

If you follow me on Instagram (@elizabethburnsdesign) you may have seen the green carpet on it's way out. Almost everyone who saw that photo said it looked like sod. If only it was! :)

Elizabeth Burns Design | Myrtle House Shag Carpet Removal

Now, let's go down memory lane and take a look at how the floor used to look. :)

Elizabeth Burns Design | Myrtle House Floor Before and After

I love that Brian's Grandmother had floral flooring and drapes in this room. :)

Elizabeth Burns Design | Myrtle House Floors Before and After

Of course, my camera died after taking two photos, so I apologize for the poor quality phone pics. I will post some more photos of the kitchen this week after we got rid of the vinyl in there.