April Goals | Budget

As a method of helping Brian and I stay on track, I am going to start posting monthly goals for us. We find ourselves traveling almost every weekend to either the Myrtle House or Sea Spray Condo recently, so having a place to post our goals will help keep us organized and accountable. :)


Myrtle House

  • Remove all wood paneling (so close to having this done) - $0
  • Yard sale - $5 (materials)
  • Deliver wanted items to Brian's mom's house - $0
  • Get all of the garbage to the dump - $40 (gas)
  • Put hazardous waste material in shed until enough is collected to dump - $0

Sea Spray Condo

  • Find new bar stools (...) - $100
  • Paint new bar stools - $25
  • Order engineering print for canvas art - $8
  • Order photograph prints for gallery wall - $20
  • Paint kitchen table - $20 (paint)
  • Repair boat accessories - $5 (dowels)
  • Paint swivel chairs - $25

Luckily (I guess), manual labor is free when you do it yourself, so this month shouldn't be too expensive. The paneling is almost (finally) gone - poor Brian worked so hard on this the past weekend. His grandfather did a fan-freaking-tastic job putting this stuff up; we have had some trouble getting it down! See the pile of not even half of what we took down below. That is going to be fun trying to get to the dump!

EB Loves Old Houses | Removing Wood Paneling

We are getting so close to having the Sea Spray Condo living/kitchen done, and I can't wait to show the final before/after. :)

Happy April, friends!