Pop Up Camper | Myrtle House

My parents used to drag us kids up and down the East Coast in their beloved pop up camper. As a know-it-all 13 year old, it was quite possibly the worst thing that had ever happened to me. I would sit in the van while my parents ooh-ed and ahh-ed at national landmarks and historic sites while I angrily listened to Christina Aguilera on my portable CD player. Sorry parents. :)

So, you can imagine my parents' surprise when I told them that Brian and I were buying a pop up camper. I am not exactly a camping person, but when trying to figure out the best form of shelter for us as we renovate the Myrtle House, it actually made the most sense. The house is three hours away from where we live and not inhabitable, so every time we head down for the weekend to work, we never get too much done since we have to pack up and head home the same day. With Lola usually in tow, a hotel is both expensive and cumbersome, so an itty bitty home away from home seemed to be the right fit.

We bought a fixer-upper of a camper (surprise, surprise) and, of course, I feel the need to decorate it! Obviously, the bulk of our budget right now is going to the house, so this will be a quick and inexpensive little makeover. Here is what I am thinking.

EB Loves Old Houses | Camper Inspiration - Yellow and Gray Chevron

We purchased vinyl plank flooring at Lowes. The one pictured is different in that it is a floating floor; we actually got a peel and stick plank. This type of flooring is just like peel and stick tile, but with the look of a wood or laminate surface. I think this product is really exciting and am eager to see how easy it is to apply and how durable it is under the wear and tear of a renovation.

I already had this fabric from a previous curtain project, so I will put it to use making curtains for the camper. It is a medium weight and hides light well so it should do the trick! I plan on using velcro to attach the curtain to the camper canvas and then a ribbon to roll them up in each morning. Easy peasy.

I found this little duvet set on clearance at Target (sorry, it is so old I can't find the link to it anymore!). It matches the yellow chevron fabric easy enough and was only $15. Done deal. I had some old gray sheets that match the whole little scheme pretty well.

The only other thing we are going to change is to paint the wood paneling in the camper. I swear, this stuff follows me! I want to meet the inventor of the wood panel...

I will be the first to admit, I am a newbie when it comes to all of this camping stuff. We won't have electricity for a while, so I am a little nervous about making sure we have all of the needed supplies! Any camping/camper advice you may have is welcome. :)