Tufted Settees | Vintage Furniture

These adorable settees (yes, plural!) might be my favorite Craigslist purchase to date. They are oh so lovely. Small in scale, these pretty little vintage settees are very comfortable and extremely well-made. The previous owner has two little boys, and these held up super well for the wear and tear I am sure they were put through! :) I also think I got a great deal on them - $200 for the pair.

I am on the fence as to what to do with them. The fabric is in MINT condition. Like, just-came-from the-upholsterer condition. But, they are not exactly my style, nor do they match any of my existing furniture... I really want to cover them in a cream linen-type fabric, but feel guilty about removing this pretty fabric. Should I leave them as is? Would you all black list me if I re-upholstered them? ;)

EB Loves Old Houses | Vintage Tufted Settee