Neighbor Drama | Myrtle House

So we made a quick trip to the Myrtle House this weekend as one of Brian's childhood friends is expecting a baby and we were invited to the baby shower. Since NC has received a lot of snow this past month, we wanted to stop by the house and make sure it hadn't fallen in (sounds dramatic, but a validated concern). We were pleased to see the house is in fact still standing, but we did stumble upon another issue. A neighbor recently clear cut her backyard. There were giant old trees that she just demolished. I would have kept them, as they were lovely old trees, but to each their own. See the problem is, she cleared her yard and then dumped a big 'ol pile of trees into OUR yard!

EB Loves Old Houses

As you can see, this is not your average pile of brush and will be very expensive to move. So, we have the happy task of dealing with this not-so-nice neighbor in civil court potentially. :/

On the flip side, we were able to meet the other neighbor next door who could not be nicer! He was good friends with Brian's Grandmother and had continued to mow her lawn even after she had passed. We noticed he was building raised garden beds and even offered us his produce!

Ugh, have you ever had to deal with nasty neighbors? How did you approach the situation?