Craigslist Chairs | Sea Spray Condo

My parents have this great little condo down at Atlantic Beach that originally belonged to my grandfather. It is one of my favorite places to visit and we have so many great family memories down there. Currently, my parents have it on the rental market and are looking to get some more weeks in the books. In order to do so, they are looking to freshen up the space and make it look a little more updated. They have already added a few great pieces, like a sea foam sleeper sofa and some other small upholstered pieces. Over the next few months they are looking to really transform the place and I am excited to help with and see the final outcome.

One thing that immediately dates the room are these dining chairs. They were purchased in the 1980's, and while very solid, do not scream "beach cottage" to me. :) These chairs are also very bulky and make the room seem small and heavy.


I found these cute little chairs on Craigslist for a steal - $75 for five. They are made by Universal Furniture, and I have always been impressed with their quality of furniture. I really liked the lines, scale, and wicker seats of these little side chairs. To me, they just oozed a sea side escape vibe like the Stanley Coastal Living Collection.


However, the previous owners had three little boy and you could tell that these chairs were well-loved! Since I wasn't crazy about the peachy taupe color, we decided to paint the frames a sea spray green to match the new sleeper sofa. Luckily, the seats easily screwed off, so that saved us a ton of time.


I used the Valspar Mellow Spring Spray Paint in Gloss and really liked it! The coverage could have been a little bit better (not sure I would use this to paint a black dresser white), but for a small color change like this, it was perfect. We ended up going through one can per chair (I tend to have a heavy hand) but I think it turned out pretty well! This line of spray paint has the best color selection I have seen by far and is worth checking out if you want to spray paint something a color other than white, black, or forest green. :)


By the time these guys were dry and we had the seats actually attached, it was pitch black outside so I don't have a final photo! We are heading to the beach next weekend, so I will take a better one then. :)