DIY Window Box | Brooklyn House

I always wanted a house with window boxes. There is something about them that is just so charming. When we bought our house, I knew a few little window boxes would help bring our little cottage back to life. While shopping around, the pre-made versions were well over $100 which were not in our budget. So we went the DIY route!

EB Loves Old Houses | DIY Window Box

At AC Moore, I found these great 3' wide boxes that were the perfect shape. I can't find them online, but I believe they can still be found in stores in the wood craft section. I think they were around $15 each. I also purchased some basic 1/4" x 1" trim that we cut and nailed onto the top front and box of the window box. I painted the entire box (inside and out) in the same outdoor paint we used on our front door.

EB Loves Old Houses | DIY Window Box

I also wanted to add a little more of a decorative element with the brackets that hold up the boxes. We purchased the same brackets that we used on the patio and spray painted them with Rustoleum Flat Black spray paint. We screwed these into the side of the house and they provided the perfect combination of pretty and practical support for our new little window boxes. I will be honest, I do not have a green thumb, and my pretty flowers died. I ended up replacing them with white faux flowers and those lasted a lot longer. :)

In total, I believe each box cost about $35. Not bad compared to the $100+ options! Plus, I got to paint them in my favorite color. :)