The Tale of a Dresser | Myrtle House

I have a confession to make. I am a furniture hoarder. I have a very difficult time saying 'no' to vintage furniture because I always see the potential in them. I am the crazy cat lady of old furniture. I think my sister even said one time that I needed a separate house for all of my treasures.

Craigslist is definitely a rush, but my favorite place to go is the Rehab Store in Morganton. Since this area used to be a major hub in the furniture industry, the city contains truck loads of amazing quality, vintage pieces.

We were working on cleaning out the Myrtle House and got to a point where we needed to drop off some donations. I convinced Brian we needed to go inside and just "look around." What could be the harm in that, right? Well, not ten feet inside and we spotted it. The most lovely, gigantic, French-looking dresser I have ever seen. It even had gold and blue accents - almost like it was finished especially for me. Plus, it would fit perfectly in the dining room and matched my existing furniture. Do we need to buy a massive dresser right now? Absolutely not. Did we have a truck with us? Um, no...


Thanks to Brian's great friend (and our amazing contractor!), we got the beast safely home in his truck. This thing is made by Mt. Airy National Furniture and is solid. I wasn't able to find many details about it (please email me if you are familiar with this company!), but I can already tell this is one of those pieces that is legit heirloom quality. The photos seriously do not do it justice!


I can't wait to turn this beaut into a buffet in the dining room and pair it with this rug, our chandelier, and the farm table made out of re-claimed wood from the backyard sheds (see below). Shhh, Brian doesn't know he is making that yet. ;)


Have you found any fun items recently?