The Myrtle House belonged to Brian's late Grandmother. The 1552 square foot house was built in 1901 and had two bedrooms, one bathroom before the renovation. It took about six months of cleaning (the home was vacant for six years), and then we were able to begin renovations in the spring of 2014. As evident by the photos, this is a large project, so we brought in a friend and contractor to help with the renovations. We expected this renovation to take about a year but in actuality, it was closer to three and was completed in the fall of 2016. The renovation included gutting the house down to the dirt so that all that was left was a roof, siding, and windows. We were able to salvage the original beadboard ceilings and wood floors in two rooms. The house required all new systems: electric, plumbing, HVAC (no existing central heat or cooling). There were also considerable amounts of structural and foundation repairs due to termite damage that consisted of all new piers, joists, and framing. Once our contractor got the structure sound and new systems in place, it was up to Brian and I to put in all of the fixtures and finishes. After the renovation, the house is now a three bedroom, three bath home.

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