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Over the years, we have tried MANY cell phone providers including AT&T, Sprint, Republic Wireless and most recently, Cricket Wireless. All have their pros and cons, but on average, Cricket has been the best. It is affordable, fast, and has a wide variety of phone options. Brian and I each receive 2.5 GB of data each month and pay $70 total ($40 for the plan and $5 off each line for auto-pay). You can see more plans here. If we go over that data limit each month, you can add more data or just have data at a slower speed. There isn't a penalty if you go over which is so refreshing. Also, their phones are pretty cool and affordable. A lot of their phones are free or deeply discounted if you switch to Cricket from another carrier. Brian and I both have a Samsung Grand Prime and love them! Or you can also bring your own phone easy-peasy.

I would love to hear - what cell phone provider is your favorite?

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